Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Icy Derby

Yet more wintry weather. Nothing much to speak of, though. Here's what I woke up to this morning...

Some areas got some snow--we had snow last night that turned to freezing rain. Left some ice. Lovely. Thankfully the roads are clear. I have places to go today.

Early this morning Kiki the kitty was going crazy at the window. There were lots of birds out and about, especially the cardinals! They wouldn't stay still too long for pictures, but I managed to snag a couple...

Around lunchtime I headed to my former Cub Scout Pack's annual Pinewood Derby races, held at my church this year. As a Unit Commissioner, I try to visit each of my 5 units every month, and I thought the Derby would be a great opportunity for a visit. It was.

Here are some of the cars from the kids:

Love the Snickers car! It actually did very well in the races, too.

The adults have their own race, also...called the Mad Max. The Cubbie rules don't apply to the adults, so there are lots of overweighted cars, and cars with a little extra oomph!

The one with the doll face scares me a little.

The Cubmaster put a lot of work into his car. His is the box the block of wood came in.

There are always fabulous prizes for the boys whose cars do well. Look at all these trophies!

And they're off!

The Derby is always a highly-attended meeting, and everyone has a great time. Who wouldn't, with car races, food, and fun opportunities to have your picture made?

Of all the days to not wear make-up. :) 

Great job by all!

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