Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yikes, that's sharp!

It's another snow day for those of us in Southern Maryland...most of the rest of the DC area was on a 2-hour delay. The kids and I were happy to have another day off, although I'm sure we'll be crying when it's mid-June and we're still in school. The roads were clear enough to venture out for a bit, so we headed to the local WalMart and Blockbuster before stopping at McDonald's for a soda and then heading home.

Here are a couple of scary pictures from our travels:

This is outside the local Hallmark store. I don't think I'll be heading there anytime soon!

This is outside the McDonald's drive-thru. I'm so glad we were in the car!

These pictures remind me of that scene in the movie "Ghost" when the glass windows break at the end of the movie and bad guy Tony Goldwyn gets impaled with the shards of glass. These icicles look just like sharp glass!

I tried to get pictures of the morons who were driving around with 8 inches of snow on top of their cars, but then I would have been guilty of driving carelessly also. Folks, please! Clean off your cars and trucks of all snow...it's a hazard. And remember, if your license plate is not visible due to snow build-up, it's illegal and you'll receive a ticket.

That is all. This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by Shutterbugs. :)

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  1. Patty~ Hey you gave away the ending of the movie Ghost, now I am all sad....I was going to watch it but now I don't need to thanks to you!!!! Thanks Patty!! You know I am only kidding right???
    Hope you enjoyed your snow day....and I will keep my car clear of snow, oh wait I would have to live where there is snow! Right?? It's raining here has been for days, snowing in the mountains, we need it all badly so it's okay.