Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Equinox??? Not Yet...

I went to a sunrise Yoga class this morning by the Chesapeake Bay. It was to celebrate the arrival of the fall equinox. Which really isn't until Wednesday. But no one would have been able to come on Wednesday at sunrise, so we celebrated today. It's OK...the sooner fall gets here, the better!

Here we are about 5 minutes before sunrise.

The instructor, Beth, is getting the class ready for our "practice".

There were maybe 50 or so of use there, braving the 56 degrees and very damp boardwalk. We needed a beach towel under our mats to absorb the moisture so we wouldn't slip away!

Here it comes...the sunrise...

I can't believe I caught a gull flying right over the sun.

Happy Fall, y'all, in anticipation of Wednesday!


  1. Patty~ Beautiful pictures. I am having a lunch at my home on Wednesday and if you weren't so far away I would have invited you. Happy Fall to you!