Sunday, March 21, 2010

Soaring With the Eagle

JJ is finally, officially an Eagle Scout! We had his Court of Honor today and despite a few late arrivals and several Scouts pulling out of the ceremony at the last minute, it went very well.

Here is JJ being escorted to the podium by his Honor Guard, friends Adam and John.

The candle lighters, led by Nicky and fellow Scouts Stevie and Drew, did a lovely job.

After receiving his award, JJ made a speech thanking everyone for all their hard work and for their support over the years. It was pretty good, considering he winged it!

The proud Scouting family...Dad, JJ, Mom, and Nicky.

Congratulations, JJ! Remember...once an Eagle, always an Eagle.


  1. Congratulations to your son, JJ! What an accomplishment! I hope someday, to say the same thing about David. He is just at the Second Class rank right now, with only a few things left to get First Class... :o)

  2. Patty~ Tell JJ Joann in California says congrats on his accomplishment.