Monday, April 19, 2010

Legos, Legos, and More Legos!

Tuesday of Spring Break we checked out of our beautiful hotel and headed south about a half-hour and went to Legoland. The kids were about 8 years too old for the place, but we had a great time. JJ and Nicky have always been huge Lego fans...and still are!

Now...everything you see here that's not human is Lego. Seriously. Except for the rides. :)

Here's Nicky with a Bionicle that he actually owns and has built. He was kind of excited to see a huge model of this guy in the park.

JJ found one of his, too.

Here are JJ, Nicky and me in front of a replica of Einstein. Way cool!

In the middle of the park was a Hall of Fame, with busts of famous individuals. We each picked one to have our pictures taken with.

Eric chose President Lincoln.

We tried to talk JJ into having his picture with Marilyn Monroe, but he chose Winston Churchhill instead.

Nicky liked Governor Ah-nold.

I of course went for the lone Southerner in the bunch. Thank ya...thank ya vury much.

Wait...I thought we were in California! The mini-mall had entire cities constructed of Legos. I took many pictures, but loved this one of the Empire State Building.

Back home so soon? It's hard to see, but there's a tiny Obama Lego at the front entry. Too funny!

JJ talked me into riding this insane's like the arms of a Bionicle that flings you every which way. It was fun, but ca-razy!

Thanks for a great time!

(The car was real, darn it!)

Next up...San Francisco!

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  1. SO cool! My David would LOVE going there! He has always been into legos too. And I refuse for him to be too old for them! :o)